Shelf Life is a dyke love story set in an apocalyptic present, a few months from doomsday. The characters are both deeply rooted in their context of contemporary queer culture, and also out-of-time. Emerging from the remnants of American lesbian culture is Golda, who finds herself the only one not deeply in denial about the dreadful conditions of humanity’s final months. 

Golda is a delivery driver for a state-sponsored doomsday redistribution service. She traverses an American landscape both decadent and dying to unite a mourning populace with treasured collectables to fill their home - now a make-shift tomb. 

Golda makes three deliveries. To Beth, a fussy miniatures collector, she brings a series of dollhouse miniatures. To Gordon, a nihilist with a fetishistic obsession with American political merchandising, she brings a Trump scented candle. Finally, to Rose, a neurotic blooming flower, she brings a lime green latex gown. 

At an end-of-the-world queer bash, Golda meets Tova. Tova is a mopey Cancer, an in-your-head over-the-top emotional and intellectual challenge, a sappy drain. She’s spent all night trying to entertain the party-goers, who are more interested in their viral cat pictures than the fact of their last weeks on earth. Golda crushes immediately.


“Golda” by Rachel Carboni

Etsy: PerversionTherapy
Instagram: rachel.carboni